Monday, February 15, 2010


This sadness in me right now,
Is giving me pain in a way that I don't know how.
It's just that I'm alone with nobody else,
My life sure is colorless.

I don't know what or who I need.
I just want my heart stop the bleed.
It hurts all over me again and again,
I hope somebody could lend me a helping hand.

An injury I have in my heart.
I wish somebody could repair its parts.
But nobody sure is with me right now,
I just want to see you somehow.

These tears I cry for you,
Are not lies but they are true.
Alone I cry because of loneliness,
Right now, I am lifeless.

I need you especially now that I'm alone,
Can't even talk to you on the phone.
Hope that someday, you'll be here,
Here with me to wipe off my tear.


  1. ko sedih apo ni?
    jom makan limau dalam kotak
    msti happy

  2. so sad..mst ade mkne tok sume yg berlaku 2..
    sabar k..

  3. hans..
    meyh aku skotak

    ok jerhh..
    sjer cri markett