Wednesday, January 19, 2011


ohh..stubborn..atawpn nma band la..xdak kna mgena gn crita ketegaq pn..aku x ktegaq ok.baik..
ok ok ok.
nk cer psai band nii

Stubborn is basically a PUNK ROCK musician that influenced by many band such as Blink 182, Dustbox, and Totalfat. In early 2009, STUBBORN release their own DEMO CD that has been sold out! Yeah!

Sabri said "This is such a candid record for us, we decided to lend more CRAZY idea for our first EP. I dealt with some very difficult tests when we are working on this. The loss of someone very close to me." STUBBORN's EP IS OUT NOW!

comel kn depa.huhuhuhu...
like facebook depa kat link ni..klik2 na..jgn malu2..!/pages/Stubborn/343023185305

lagu baru depa ni bru peakay yg bg td..huhuh...walaupn x knl aku rsa peakay comel.hahaha..haip2!!BMX our local band okay guys!i hope u will spport them..aitcehhh...sepiking plak kn..ahhahah....chayok2 band ketegaq!